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Be creative to decorate your room in a special way
College life and/or university life is an important part of your development, both socially and intellectually. There will never be another time when you are surrounded by so many people in the same position as you with the exception of if you go to prison. Read more
Can Modern Technology Help Students with Exam-Time Stress
Technology can help manage stress in many ways. Everybody knows the escape social media or TV brings to an overworked mind. There is a downside to this though that is detrimental to getting work done. Technology can be a distraction during exam time for students, but are there ways that technology actually reduces exam-time stress in other ways than just recreation and relaxation? In other words how can technology reduce stress by improving study time and productivity? There are many apps that can help you manage your time, increasing productivity, and relaxation that can all reduce stress during exam times. Read more
How Writing can Improve Your Productivity
Writing regularly can improve your general productivity in many ways. Productivity is all about making the most of the time you have and coming into the habit of doing productive things regularly, instead of leaving it for last minute. Doing writing exercises daily can help you get into the habit of sitting down and getting things done. It can also help you with planning your week or day. Below are a few creative ideas of how you can use writing to make you more productive. Read more
10 Proofreading Tips that will Make Your Essay Better
Proofreading your essay before handing it in will make all the difference to your marks. After reading the same text over and over as you work on the computer there are bound to be a few mistakes that you have not noticed. Your word processor will check for basic grammatical and spelling errors, but there will always be some things that it misses or do not understand.It can also not check your work for a logical flow. The human factor is important here so follow the steps below to learn how to proofread your essay to your best capacity. Each step also includes an expert tip to help improve your essay. Read more
The Janitor from the TV show Scrubs is a Harvard graduate in the TV show, and so is the character Ally McBeal from the TV show of the same name.
Here are seven of the top colleges you can study in if you are taking higher education in the US. They are very difficult to get into and they are very expensive to attend, however, there are many US companies that consider a degree from these colleges to be something that is prized. If you do well in these colleges, then it is easier for you to have a good career when you graduate. Read more
Art as profitable hobby
People usually start a hobby to pass the time, differentiate their home time versus their work life or to be a creative outlet. It has also become a way to be more involved in a community, raise money for good causes or to reduce personal consumerism. Experts from top UK educational service IvoryResearch have prepared a few ideas on how to turn your hobby into your work. In recent years more and more people are finding there is a market for their creations or hobby driven output and many sites have sprouted up to help them sell. Whether you want some extra cash or have a desire to make a living as your own boss, these are some hobbies to consider. Read more
I'm not lazy
There is no proof anywhere on earth that suggests a positive or negative attitude is somehow passed down genetically. It is a well-known fact that attitude is easily nurtured at any age, making it a nurture issue and not a nature issue. However, this alone is not the only issue surrounding brain activity and attitude that has people puzzled. Read more
There are a lot of mistakes you always do
The rules that even native English speakers get wrong If you're learning English and are confused by some of the grammar, don't worry. Even native speakers often get the following rules wrong. Read more
Ноw to Write Resume in English
Writing a resume is difficult enough in your own language. What should you include? How do you deal with problems like periods of unemployment? But it's even more challenging if you're writing a resume in a language that is not your own. If you're not a native speaker of English, you may be unfamiliar with the requirements of writing a resume in English-speaking countries; the format may be very different from the resumes in your own country. So here is a guide to writing your resume in English Read more
Unconventional Methods of job searching
How do you find your first job after college or university? When you're looking for a job in the field you'd love to work in, you can try several different methods. The traditional method is to write a resume and mail it to the companies you'd like to work with. This approach works for many people and allows you to write a creative resume. However, there's nothing new about this approach and you've probably tried it already. If you'd like to try more innovative ways of getting a job, you can try the following methods. Read more