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Jan 12th 2016

10 Hobbies That Can Become Your Work

People usually start a hobby to pass the time, differentiate their home time versus their work life or to be a creative outlet. It has also become a way to be more involved in a community, raise money for good causes or to reduce personal consumerism. Experts from top UK educational service IvoryResearch have prepared a few ideas on how to turn your hobby into your work. In recent years more and more people are finding there is a market for their creations or hobby driven output and many sites have sprouted up to help them sell. Whether you want some extra cash or have a desire to make a living as your own boss, these are some hobbies to consider.

1. Art

Art as profitable hobby

Are you a talented amateur artist, or knowledgeable about the history of art? There are many ways to share your love for art with others. You could be a guide at your local art gallery, helping people to enrich their lives with art. Or you could become an art therapist, working with children, prisoners or the elderly and helping them to work through stress and problems.

2. Coaching

If you have a passion for passing on your skills and knowledge to others, this could become your next career. Are you a talented sportsperson? Become a coach or sports teacher; in an age when too many children lead sedentary lives, how rewarding it would be to encourage them to be active and healthy instead! You could also study to become a personal trainer and guide adults into a life of health and fitness. But it's not just sports that offer a chance to coach people; you could become a life coach or advisor in many different fields.

3. Complementary Therapies

Study alternative therapies

Are you interested in alternative therapies like Reiki and reflexology? Here's a chance to earn your living making a real difference to people's health and well-being. Alternative therapies are increasingly sought out as a way of maintaining good health and as a complement to conventional healthcare. You could work with older people, those with chronic illnesses, or simply with anyone who is seeking a natural, gentle treatment.

4. Elder Support

Dealing with older people can be a fascinating experience, as they are full of wisdom and stories. Whether you're a volunteer or simply enjoy helping out older neighbors and relatives, this could become a rewarding career. The opportunities are wide; you could set up a service offering assistance with shopping, household tasks or repairs, which will enable the elderly to stay in their own home. Or you could train to work as a geriatric nurse or healthcare assistant. You could even work in therapies such as art or fitness.

5. Counselor

Do you have a knack for giving sound advice? Do friends, family and colleagues always turn to you when they need guidance? Consider becoming a counselor. If you find it rewarding to help people solve their problems and deal with challenges, you could be the ideal candidate for a career that will make a massive difference to the people you deal with.

6. Fundraising

If you're always the first to volunteer for fundraising duties at your children's school, or you're full of ideas on how to raise funds for your favorite charity, a successful career in fundraising could be yours. Skills like marketing, dealing with people, and a creative approach are just what is needed to work in the fundraising field. Charities require a constant intake of funds, so there are always opportunities available for anyone with the skills and drive to promote the charity and encourage contributions from supporters.

7. Budgeting

Are you always being asked for advice on money? Some people have the knack of managing money, while others seem to have no idea how to balance a budget. If you're one of the people who's smart with their money, turn your talent into a career. You could train to become a financial advisor, helping people to make the most of their income. Or you could set up a business teaching the financially clueless how to control their spending. In these difficult financial times, you could save a lot of spendthrifts from disaster.

8. Animal Welfare

Take care of animals

Animal lovers also have a number of opportunities for turning their hobby into their career. Do you have specialist knowledge about exotic pets? Open a store offering equipment and advice to anyone wanting to keep these animals. If you love walking dogs, you could set up a dog walking business or grooming service. There are also openings in animal welfare organizations and local animal services.

9. Languages

The world is a small place these days, with much of it on the move; this means that language differences can present problems. So an interest in languages can be turned to your advantage. You could teach English to new arrivals in the country, or specialize in teaching languages to children (the earlier they begin learning languages, the better). You could also become an interpreter or translator for people who need help dealing with bureaucracy or everyday issues like visiting the doctor.

10. Performing

So you're a bit of a show-off and love appearing on stage, doing comedy, plays or other performances. But how can this be turned into a career? Drama therapy is used in prisons, mental health centers, schools and even businesses to help people improve their mental health, express their feelings, and develop emotionally. What a wonderful way to help!

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