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Jan 27th 2016

Can Modern Technology Help Students with Exam-Time Stress

Modern Technologies  and Education

Technology can help manage stress in many ways. Everybody knows the escape social media or TV brings to an overworked mind. There is a downside to this though that is detrimental to getting work done. Technology can be a distraction during exam time for students, but are there ways that technology actually reduces exam-time stress in other ways than just recreation and relaxation? In other words how can technology reduce stress by improving study time and productivity? There are many apps that can help you manage your time, increasing productivity, and relaxation that can all reduce stress during exam times.

Instant Communication
Technology today makes instant contact- no matter the distance- a reality and this reduces a lot of exam related stress. For examples technology like phones, instant messaging, social networks, email and video calling allow students to easily communicate with peers and students. This is helpful during exam times if you want to ask someone a question or have missed out on some class notes.

Instant Information
With instant access to any type of information, the help of the internet can definitely help student manage exam stress. From looking up difficult terms to watching videos to help you understand your work better, the internet can help students in many ways. The internet also connects students to many services that can help or hinder their studies. Some websites offer help with essays and advice for writing essays. Students can use such services, but should do that wisely. The internet is also full of informative articles to help students manage stress or identify signs of depression or anxiety.

Instant Access
The internet and computers also allows students instant access to their online marks, university notes, student chat rooms and student-lecturer communication. Most websites rely on online student accounts where lecturers can post class, exam or assignment notes and dates. Some test and assignments are even sometimes done online and marks can instantly be calculated. It is also the first place where marks are available to university students. You even get access to your student account and manage your fees, all reducing stress in the long run.

Quick Apps
Exam stress has a lot to do with anxiety over deadlines and how much time is left for studying before your test. There are so many little apps that have helped us save time during exam times. Dictionaries, calendars, calculators and even the digital clock on your phone are all little apps that have helped us save time and reduce a little of exam stress. Time yourself to write essays or be on time for your exams, set an alarm or reminder and quickly get the right meaning of words all in the palm of your hand.

Apps for Managing Time
Alarms, reminders,calendars, invites to events sent via email toremind you of important exam dates or study group dates that conveniently syncs up with your mobile device. With instant access on your phone or desktop to time and calendars you can easily plan your study schedule and reduce your stress. When students lack time management skills they often run out of time to do their deadlines. This could be detrimental to their passing mark and some students turn to outsourcing their work.

Apps for Productivity
There are many little apps on your phone or tablet that can increase your exam time productivity. Apps like Evernote, other note taking apps, Google docs, and pdf readers all allow for information on the go. Read your notes while you are on the bus or take notes using Evernote or other note taking apps. You can even start working on your assignments on the go using Google docs. Today many students simply record their class notes with a mobile picture of the notes showed in class. This also boosts productivity and saves time in class as well as when it comes to summarising tonnes of exam work.

Apps for Breaks
Zen koi is a game for unwinding after a study session. The relaxing ambient music is meditative and induces a calm state. The game is also slow paced,which further facilitates a relaxed and meditative mind set. Any other relaxing game like a farm game will have similar effects. Relaxing and taking breaks are important to manage stress and energy levels. Other good apps are yoga aps or other workout apps.

The above mentioned points all indicate that modern technology can help students with exam stress in many different ways. It can help you get your work done in a good amount of time while giving you instant access to information. Modern technology has the potential of helping students in many ways.

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