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Dec 29th 2015

Unconventional Methods of job searching

Inventive methods of looking for a job

Job Search

How do you find your first job after college or university? When you're looking for a job in the field you'd love to work in, you can try several different methods. The traditional method is to write a resume and mail it to the companies you'd like to work with. This approach works for many people and allows you to write a creative resume. However, there's nothing new about this approach and you've probably tried it already. If you'd like to try more innovative ways of getting a job, you can try the following methods.

Distribute leaflets with your resume near the company you'd love to work with

Give leaflets

This is one of the more unusual ways of searching for a job, but it's more direct than approaching potential employers on social media in the hope that they will offer you a job. Many people try the social media approach because they've seen it in articles, and think they're the first to try it. However, it won't be so attention-grabbing if everyone's trying it. You may not have any success with handing out your resume to passersby, but it could make you stand out more than if you're just another face on social media.

Pros Cons
  • You could stand out with this unusual approach
  • It will boost your potential for getting a job in your desired company  
  • It's unique
  • It's a hit-and-miss approach that depends on catching the attention of the right person
  • It will probably be unsuccessful
  • You may be targeted by people who want to waste your time

Go directly to the office

Go directly to the office

You could also try a direct approach and ask to see the person responsible for recruitment. You could even try asking to see the boss or the owner. A direct approach could gain you access to someone who can help; be specific about who you want to see, or you will only end up talking to someone who has no influence over the hiring process.

Pros Cons
  • You can beat the competition with this direct approach  
  • It's a good approach for confident people
  • You can meet the people who are hiring
  • It may annoy people rather than impress them
  • You need to be good at approaching people
  • Generally not very successful

Keep in touch with people


Making contacts is incredibly useful when you're going to be looking for a job. Keep in contact with the people you meet in college, while interning, and acquaintances of your family; any one of these could be the person who can help you find the job you want. The Internet and social media make it easy to stay in touch with them, so that when you begin your job search you can use these contacts to your advantage.

Pros Cons
  • The personal aspect means you're not just a stranger
  • Your knowledge is less important than your contacts
  • Having contacts can make your job search much easier  
  • Most of the people you know will have nothing to offer you
  • You could spend a lot of time to no avail
  • They may not want to help you

The only thing that overcomes hard luck is hard work. Harry Golden

Be a volunteer

Be a Volunteer

Volunteering can offer you the experience you need to get a full-time paid position. Companies label this an internship; the downside is that you are working for free in the hope that it will secure you a job with that employer (or another one).

Pros Cons
  • This has become a popular way of finding a job  
  • You will gain useful experience for your resume
  • You may find useful contacts within the company  
  • Working for free may not actually lead to paid employment
  • Interns can be taken advantage of
  • Many interns don't have much to show for their efforts

Hack their systems

Hack the system

If you have the right knowledge, you can even try hacking into their systems. You could also pay somebody with access to give you the passwords and account information or use their access to your advantage. For example, you could get them to contrive a way of putting your details in front of their boss.

Pros Cons
  • It's a direct approach
  • It can give you an advantage over your competitors  
  • You may find out very useful information
  • It's not very ethical
  • Your insider may not make much effort on your behalf
  • Your access may not lead to anything useful

Arrive on the day of the interviews


Even if you haven't secured an interview, you can still turn up on the day. You can use social media to find out when the interviews are being held. You'll need to be convincing and make out that you were asked to come for an interview. This may fool them enough to get you in the door.

Pros Cons
  • If the other applicants fail to impress, you may stand out more
  • Once you find out when the interviews are being held, it's easy  
  • You can make useful contacts there
  • They may realize you are chancing your luck
  • You need to be bold to pull this off
  • You will need to be insistent and it could be a waste of time


It may surprise you that although we're told that men earn more than women, it's actually the other way round. Most men actually work in low-paid jobs like laboring or retail; relatively few are in the higher-paid bracket. Even lower-income jobs commonly done by women, like care work, is better paid than jobs typically done by men. So if you want to earn more, you need to be a woman.

If you're looking for new and innovative ways to find employment, you should be creative. You'd be surprised to discover what some of the world’s most famous CEOs did for their first job! Put yourself in the position of a boss and consider what would impress you (or not). Would you appreciate their initiative if you were handed a resume on the street, or would you discard it immediately? Think about how you would react to the methods you're considering, and what would convince you that an employee is worth hiring. Initiative and determination are positive attributes, but what else would you look for in an employee? Understand this mindset and you will be able to find a job by using unusual methods.

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