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Aug 15th 2015

Argumentative Essay Topic Advice and Examples

Argumentative essays are a special type of essay which tests the student's ability to take a certain topical opinion, public consensus or general point of view and make arguments for and against it. Good argumentative essay topics will usually be topics that are argued often by different people, such as a controversial issue or moral quandary.

Having a good topic is only a small part of success; you must know how to research the issue thoroughly, research the opinions and include them, and use an argumentative style of writing to draw out the argument and make it interesting for the reader. An argumentative essay will usually have a conclusion section at the end which voices the student's overall opinion based on what has been said throughout the essay. For example, a student could argue the safety of nuclear power based on evidence and public opinion, and then voice an opinion at the end, such as "nuclear is safe, provided that..." or simply "nuclear power will always be unsafe".

Good Argumentative Essay Topics

If an argumentative essay is to achieve high marks, good argumentative essay topics need to be chosen. The best topics are not only good for making arguments, but are current and relevant – there is no point arguing about a topic that is 10 years out of date. Here are a few good examples of topics which you can use for your essay or give your inspiration for your own topic.

  1. Internet Privacy – SOPA and other piracy acts have appeared in response to illegal file sharing which is having a big impact on music and other media industries, but should internet privacy be the price to pay for illegal file sharing? What about new revenue streams, such as YouTube adverts?
  2. Animal Testing – Millions of people have their lives to thank for animal testing and animal usage for science, such as those who take insulin for diabetes, but should animal testing be stopped, and if not, where should the line be drawn?
  3. Student Loans – The high cost of tuition in the US is something which can have a negative effect on the poorest demographics. How suitable are tuition fees, and should they be used in the first place?
  4. The Western Economy – With the rise of newly developed countries such as India and China, many analysts are predicting the demise of western economies. Could this be the case?
  5. Celebrity Culture – There are many different argumentative topics with celebrity culture at their heart. For example, is the recent treatment of Kristen Stuart justified? Should it be okay to treat celebrities the way we do, given that we see them as more fortunate than ourselves? Many interesting arguments to be made here.
  6. Nuclear Energy – This has always been a good topic for arguments. A new issue regarding nuclear fuel is the use of Plutonium as an energy source for spacecraft. Plutonium supplies are running low; should we make more using expensive nuclear processes or invest in new technologies?

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