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Aug 20th 2015

Free Essay Sources for Student Success

For students at school and college, there are now more resources available for writing good essays than ever before and one of the best resources are free essays.

There are many different resources that students can use for writing essays, including:

  • Textbooks – These are one of the best sources for finding authoritative information on a topic. Books are best for complicated topics, as the publishing process ensures that the information contained within is accurate and as complete as possible. Academics who end up writing specialized textbooks are usually experts in their field. Textbooks will often contain information you can’t find online or elsewhere. One problem with textbooks is that they can become outdated, so make sure you check publication dates.
  • Journals/Periodicals/Letters – These are most important for students in their final years of college. Journals contain the most up-to-date and advanced information for every academic field. Journals form the basis of most citations in college papers and research papers.
  • Internet sources – The quality of academic information varies widely online, and this means that you have to be careful. The internet is best used for simple information or widely known information that still requires you to provide a citation. The internet is the most convenient option for general research and reading around a topic.
  • Newspapers – The best source of information for the most current information, especially for students taking journalism, history or other subjects where news can be important.

Other Options

These are the major resources for essay writing, but what can students gain with free essays? They cannot be used for citations for example, but a great thing about online free essays is how they can teach the student how to write and structure an essay on a certain topic, and also give inspiration for essay topics. These are all things that books and journals cannot provide, and this is why free online essays are becoming so popular with students. There are many websites that offer free essay resources on a variety of subjects for almost any purpose.

Using Online Essays

There are many right ways to use online essay resources, and there are also many wrong ways. They are fantastic for giving students inspiration on what to write about, and also on what style of writing is best for a certain topic. They let students see what a good introduction looks like, and also what amount of research is acceptable.

Students need to be careful not to plagiarize, and this makes it important not to directly copy free essay material online. All online text is scanned with plagiarism scanners, so not copying is most important. It is also important not to use free online essays to form the basis of your research. If you change the writing but still stick to the same theme as the essay, then you may still be caught out.

All in all, free essay material helps you understand what is expected of you, and see what a winning essay looks like. If you use them to support the quality of your own work, then they can be a major benefit to you.

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