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Aug 23rd 2015

Good Essay Tips You Might Not Have Thought Of

Good essay writing can be a challenge for many students, but with the right knowledge, experience and creativity winning marks can be achieved. It always helps to use good essay tips also for students that have difficulties in essay writing. This guide offers a number of good essay tips, novel ideas and outside-the-box thinking to help students extend their essay writing skills and secure the best marks.

Following the Idea

Have you ever heard the phrase "a story that grew in the making"? All essays are about following an idea. Whether it be a creative or non-creative style of essay, the ability to take an idea and develop it to a compelling conclusion lies at the heart of all good essay writing, but this is something that many students have difficulty with. It is not always easy to follow and idea, especially because many of the best ideas that come into a student's head happens not during the planning stage, but during the writing stage. So a student has a good theme to follow, gets halfway through writing the essay, comes up with a host of better ideas, includes them, and then at the end realizes that the same idea presented at the start is nothing like the conclusion.

How can this problem be addressed? Writing a preliminary essay first can be done to exploit the ideas that come to mind during writing without effecting clarity and coherence. Write like you are writing your final draft, but take the new ideas you find and include them as part of your final essay plan. This will allow you to write a thesis statement or introductory idea that remains throughout the essay, which is important for high marks.

Some students find it so hard to be linear with their ideas that they instead write in blocks in a completely unorganized fashion. This clustered approach to idea forming and writing can work, but only if the final product is analyzed thoroughly to ensure that it makes sense.

Controlling your essay

The previous good essay tips help you control your ideas, and not let them control you, but we can take this notion further. Every single word you commit to paper is completely controlled by you, and this is a powerful concept. You have the option within reason to write however you like, and no matter what type of essay you are writing, taking a novel approach to your writing and using literary techniques well is what makes your planning, research and idea forming worth reading about.

There is no right or wrong way to make a statement, but many students lack the experience of creative writing to really make their essay shine. Some students writing sounds is boring because it is too logical and plain, while others use too much metaphor and other figures of speech, making the essay too frivolous and grandiose. For expository essays, the middle ground needs to be found, and while creative essays have more freedom, there still needs to be a balance between creativity and conformity.

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