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Literature Essays - How Can You Write a Good One?

Many students find it extremely difficult to write an appealing literary essay. Though literature essays are quite subjective and interesting, they may require you to conduct extensive research. Moreover, it's not easy for students to find enough time to read and understand the literature piece. It takes relatively less time to read and understand a short story or poem, but reading a fictional piece of writing or a full-length novel is not an easy task.

However, if you want to write good literary papers, you should ensure that your paper includes three important elements - style, subtext and structure. Here's a little more to help you have a good start.

  • Write the first paragraph of literary essays with great care. Your first paragraph is where you introduce your topic or statement. You need to be brief here. You're free to discuss some points to show what you're going to cover in your essay. Make sure you also talk about some of the most important aspects of the book or a piece of literary work you intend to deal with.
  • In the body of literature-based essays, you will have a number of paragraphs, all talking about a different point. You need to make a plan first and identify the points you're going to discus under different paragraphs. You should also select the parts of the text that you want to examine in those paragraphs. Make sure you discuss a different point in each paragraph, but each paragraph has a link with the next - that's what you call smooth transitioning of thoughts.
  • Be very careful when using different sources for evidence and support. As mentioned, you need to cover different points in your paragraphs, but you should also use right sources to prove each of those points. You need to work like a lawyer - raise a point first and then produce evidence to back your point. In literature-themed essays, you need to find evidence to support the viewpoint you have about relationships, characters, styles, themes, etc.
  • When producing evidence to support your idea, you can also use quotes. Make sure you introduce each quote with a colon - also use quotation marks to make it stand out. Be very careful about laying out quotes correctly, as it talks about your professionalism. Keep your quotes short.
  • Try to answer the essay question in each paragraph. You should start your paragraph with a right statement and cover a point that goes on to explain why you have a certain viewpoint.
  • Be very careful when concluding. In literature essays, the last paragraph should not be used to just re-tell the story. Make your words count and talk about how your evidence supports your thesis statement.

You need to remember these basic points, but you should also use some other tips to improve your performance. Whatever you do, just make sure you don't forget the essay question and use authentic sources as evidence. But if you think all this is a little too difficult to handle, you should complete our order form and let us help you with literature essays.